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Patreon Update and Commission Information

Posted by ZpectralKrystal - July 15th, 2019

Hi greetings! :3 I hope you’re doing fine nWn, it is been a while since I last did a journal x3 hehe, so here are the changes:

Patreon Update: (Tier - Crystal Heart $1 or more per month)

Starting now, there will be discounts depending on the time you have been a patreon. If you have been a patreon and want the discount you can return and claim at any moment you wish:

- 1% for everyone who helped 1 day (newbies).

- 3% for everyone who helped 30 days.

- 7% for everyone who helped 90 days.

- 12% for everyone who helped 180 days.

- For every comission I have done for you will be the same as 30 days in Patreon.

Everyone who is part of my Patreon will be informed first when I am free to do comissions, as for the page and Discord, taking advantage on the discounts:

- Everyone in Patreon will have a free slot for comissions and the same posibility even if you donate of $100 or more por month.

- Around 3 - 7 days before finishing a commission I will notify to you that I will be free to do comissions and I will be listening to proposals and I will choose the idea in which I most feel comfortable working with.

Please dont get mad if I dont choose your idea, I am open minded to listen to many things, but it will vary on how I feel at the moment ( if I want a challenge or if I want to relax, etc ) I do this with the purpose of finish faster a comission and feel comfortable with it.

And to finish with, if you are new in Patreon and you try to donate for 6 months you wont get the discount according to such quantity, I am taking on consideration the time, the tier is only $ 1 or more per month.

Comission information: (now with a prices calculator)

Starting now a list don't exist, I will notify when I am free and I will focus on one commission, the patreons will be notified first.

In resume, the prices are higher for personal issues, however now the price will vary according to the difficulty also I will work in other stuff besides Pokemon, as long as there are necessary references, now I feel with the confidence to work with random characters.

Thank you to the calculator it will be easier for everyone to know the min-max-approx price of what you want and if you are interested in a calculator like this I can make one for you $30-$70 USD depending on the quantity of stuff you want to add.

Thanks everyone for reading :3

I hope you have a wonderful day! Atte. ZpectralKrystal